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June 2009

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It's time to write.

This is just all together silly on my part. I honestly couldn't say why I have only ever written in here once.
I suppose it has to do with the fact that when I have a long time on the computer, I just have other things that I think to do.
But if I'm being HONEST with myselfffff, then i think it's partially TIME MANAGEMENT issssueessss...
gosh, i really wanna get better at that.
I can say that it's definitely not because i don't have things to write about! Because i actually have a lot to write about.

first of all, i got my EYEBROWS DONEEE todayyyy. yayayay. They were getting very crazy...they had minds of their own.
I mean, you know it's bad when your friend leans over the table to adjust them....
If i had a webcam, i would take a picture of them right now and post them up. because they really look quite splendid if i do say so.

So what's on my mind?
- confirmation names
- this weekend
- alex :/
- erica's dandyness

So my confirmation is the first sunday in May, i believe. And it's not required of me to pick a saint name, but I feel like that's the best part of the whole process!
So i think that names that start with either A or E are my best options because they flow nicely with my whole name
for example: Grace Ellen Ann Thompson

at first i actually considered ann as a possibilty. But it's a little too common for my liking.
Potential names....
- Amelia (my mom almost named me this)
 - Audrey (also my grandmother's name)
 - Anastasia
 - Eulalia
 - Aurea

I tried to find some saints that were related to music, but it's actually quite hard to track down clear/accurate information about these folks! The only saint that was stated to be cleary related to the fine arts was Cecilia. But i really don't want that name, it just doesn't suit me. Most likely it will be Amelia, but i have yet to decide for sure.

My dad's being annoying so I must be off to beddybyes, and I'll talk about the other stuff laterrrr.





you never talked about my dandyness...hah.