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June 2009

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Ugh. feeling nauseous...NOT a good day.

I feel like a BUTThead.

For numerous reasons.

Firstly, I did not do well on my progress report.

Secondly, I think Erica's mad at me :(  today after school, she was in the middle of telling me something that made her happy about her progress report, when lauren interrupted us to tell me she got an A in geometry. And without even thinking, I let her interrupt Erica. I don't know why I didn't think to just tell lauren to wait! I'm so dumbbbb. When I asked erica what she was going to say she just told me to forget it.
Ugh i feel sooo BAD.
And When i think of it,  i realize that this has happened numerous times, and I hate it!! I don't know what it is, it's like lauren has some sort of control over me; i always turn to listen to her when she interrupts, i guess cuz im afraid she's going to be mad with me. Which is possible.
I just need to make it stop.
     And erica if you happen to read this, i'm really sorry and please tell me if i let that happen again.

Third, Cabaret auditions are tonight, and I feel sick to my stomach, and I just want them to be over with. :(


well it was annoying but i forgot about it pretty quickly ... and the fact that you thought about it that much makes ME feel bad...